Monday, August 3, 2009

List of Alien Races, Attributes, and Intentions

By Jimmy Jump

The topic of alien life has played upon the minds of being incarnate upon the earth plane for eons of time. In earlier civilizations, alien visitation and contacts were nothing unordinary. Yet in the present day with our warlike and conquering nature, the peaceful interactions with our extra-terrestrial counterparts have decreased with a increase in negative contacts with sinister motives. Do not be alarmed, for our allies are still with us and they are aiding in the battle to eliminate the negative influences on our world as they have always done. We provide a basic comprehensive list of the four alien races most influential on earth and their attributes in the following paragraphs.

Andromedians: These entities reside and come from the Andormeda Galaxy, that move in inter-stellar light travel. They have hyper-light traveling capabilities, as they can travel from one side of the universe to the next in a matter of seconds. These beings are very thin, standing eight to ten feet tall and are extremely beautiful. This race is so spiritually evolved that they no longer have the need for physical bodies. In ancient mythology, they are referred to as the winged gods. These beings do not eat, as they live off the prana(energy) of the universe. Andromedians have taken care of humanity for centuries as they consider us their brothers and sisters. Their mother ship is here at this moment in our stratosphere, and our government is very aware of this and can do no-thing about it. The Andromedians have inspired prophets and philosophers alike. Their teachings have been perverted and manipulated to control the masses and enslave the people, and this has been allowed. These beings are of a positive orientation.

Pleiadians: These beings reside and come from the star constellation named the Pleiades. There are seven stars in the Pleiades, and these beings come from the star known as Taygeta. Out of the nine planets that orbit this star, only four are inhabited with living beings. Their home world is the planet Erra, which is very similar to our planet earth. They share the same plant and animal life as on earth, and their days are only six tenths of a second less than on earth. These beings are millions of years older than earthlings, and are more spiritually advanced than earth beings. The typical lifespan of a Pleiadian is 700 years or more as only 400 million people reside on the planet Erra, as opposed to the extremely over population of earth which is above 6 billion. There is no dishonesty on Erra as their form of communication is through telepathy. The basic necessities of life are provided freely, as there is no need for money, wealth, and power. Pleiadians resemble earth beings, the only difference is lighter skin. The Galactic Federation of Light consists of many entities from the Pleiades, as the GFL is our main ally in the battle to save our planet from certain destruction The Pleiadians are of a positive orientation. Grey

Greys: There are many variations of the Grey species found in this universe, you may have seen this species depicted in popular film media as the short grey aliens with huge bulging black eyes. The Greys originally started out as tall blond-haired humanoids in the Rigel system, but were subject to heavy nuclear radiation over long periods of time. This changed their DNA and glandular structure dramatically, which caused them to devolve into their current form. This nuclear exchange occurred approximately 300,000 years ago. These beings are nocturnal, as their eyes are very sensitive to ultraviolet light. They have the ability to control their heart rate, and their brains have more lobes than that of a human brain. These beings communicate telepathically as they only have a horizontal slit for a mouth, and function in a hive mind like manner. These beings have problems with their digestive system, and they compensate that by absorbing glandular secretions through their skin from animals they abduct, as well as semen extracts from human beings in nocturnal emissions or abductions as well. These beings co-operate with our current governmental structures for reasons of global domination and control. They replace world leaders that are against this cause, with clones and hybrid Grey entities. These beings are of a neutral orientation, as they can perceive human emotions but do not comprehend what they mean to us.

Reptilian Reptilians: This race of beings, is perhaps the greatest threat to humanity today, as it had been for hundreds of thousands of years in the past. Many years ago, the ancient astronauts of our planet were engaged in a fierce battle with these beings, and the Annunaki Reptilians were forced into underground caverns where the battle continued until most of these beings were destroyed, though a few survived and are present in our world today as you read this article. There is a global cover-up of the existence of this race of beings. The dinosaur bones claimed to be of massive beasts from prehistoric periods may actually be the remains of the Reptilians destroyed in the ancient battle. These beings have long heads with vertical slit pupils, most of the reptilian hierarchy of the previous ages are green or brown, yet there are those who survived and evolved in the deep and dark caverns of the earth that have mutated into an albino white form.

The reptilians have set up various bases on the earth as well as inside of Venus, and many other locations throughout the galaxy as they are a conquering race. These beings have no regard for humans as they eat us like we eat chicken, there are numerous underground facilities with massive storage rooms of human cadavers. These beings are not dependant on humans as a source of food though, as their main form of booty is the gold of our world that sustains the environment of their home world. They do not fear humans as they consider themselves far more superior in intelligence and beauty than us, they view us a repulsive and disgusting looking creatures. The Bush family and many of their associates are reported to be the humanoid reptilians of our day, as well as many members of English and British royalty. These beings are of a negative orientation.

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