Monday, August 3, 2009

The Magician and the High Priestess

By Dominique Halet

The Magician

The Magician is represented by a young man in front of a work table.

This card represents the life active ingredient, its number I (one) is male, it is the Yang element.

Basic Significance

If this card comes in the right position, it means the beginning of the things, the will of a person, a man's profession or a woman new affective relation.

When this card comes in the reversed position it means professional problems, lack of self-confidence, apathy...

Remember the basic significance of the tarot cards will be interpreted according to the position of the cards during the consultation.

For example, our consulting person is a man who wants to learn more about his professional career.

We will pull four cards:

On the left we put The Justice card, on the right is The Moon, at the top is The Magician and at the bottom is The Wheel Of Fortune.

The Justice card on the left tells us that this man is able to succeed in his career (The Justice means stability and confidence); The Moon card on the right means that he should not have a total confidence in his colleagues (the Moon represents hypocrisy and the lies); The Magician represents the profession of our consulting person and the Wheel Of Fortune means that this man will succeed in his career.

The synthesis of these four cards is 10 which is the number of the Wheel Of Fortune.

This card means that our consulting person will have a great professional career but only if he takes care of his colleagues and their hypocrisy.

The High Priestess

This is called The High Priestess because the woman who is drawn wears a pontifical tiara. She also represents Isis, an Egyptian divinity, Osiris wife.

The High Priestess represents wisdom, quality development by the sobriety of her costume.

It is a very positive card of the Tarot as well as the Yin element.

Basic significance:

The card in the right position symbolizes nature, pregnancy, knowledge, mother, perspicacity, wisdom...

The High Priestess in the reversed position symbolizes an immoderate and painful love, superficiality

This card also represents the hidden face of a man's life.

Let's take in example a woman wishing to know if her couple is solid.

We will pull four cards: on the left, The Lovers, on the right The High Priestess, at the top The Moon, below is The Tower.

The interpretation of these arcana would be as follows: this man has some troubles in his life and loves his wife (The Lovers) BUT he has a mistress (The High Priestess); the consulting one seems to be lied to herself because The Moon means that she knows that her husband is not faithful but refuses to admit it and The Tower represents the separation or the divorce.

In synthesis; which is the addition of the numbers of the four cards = 42; 4+2 = 6, The Lovers - once again - means that the consulting one will make the good choice in her life; probably divorce.

D. Halet is a Tarot de Marseilles expert. She spent some years being a fortune-teller for her friends. Learn more about Tarot Cards Reading by visiting her Online Guide: The Tarot Cards Reading

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