Monday, August 3, 2009

Terrifying Water Spirit Haunts the Seventy Orkney Isles

By Paul Thurman

Haunting the waters of the seventy Orkney islands in Scotland is a very specialised fae known as the Nuckalevee. The Nuckalevee remains invisible and intangible in the sea. But the second it emerges from the ocean and is touched by air its disgusting and nightmarish form can be seen and touched if you have the inclination.

Physically the Nuckalevee resembles a centaur with some quite diabolical differences. Most noticeably it has no skin whatsoever. Pulsing veins and raw muscles are clearly exposed. And whilst a Centaur has splendid proportions a Nuckalevee has grotesquely mismatched ones. It's human head is so large it makes the neck virtually useless as it rolls from one shoulder to the next. In the centre of the forehead burns a single fiery red eye. It's arms dangle all the way to the ground so that it drags its knuckles on the ground much like a gorilla does. Though the horse head is almost proportionate it also has a fiery red eye. Both heads have huge gaping mouths with jagged teeth and filthy disease causing breath. Finally, the horse-like legs of the Nuckalevee have fin like projections on them.

The powers of the Nuckalevee are almost god like. It can cause plague, famine, drought, and many other catastrophes. It's powers are said to be equal only to the hate it has for mankind.

Once a Nuckalevee chooses a person for a target, that person has but two chances of survival if s/he can act quick enough. The first is either cross fresh water or splash it on the creature. The other is to call out to the "Sea Mother". She is the only one powerful enough to draw him back into the sea and nullify his powers.

Paul Thurman is an aeclectic wizard with 25 years of practical magick experience. His passions in life are counseling, healing, and teaching. He holds qualifications in energy work and hypnotherapy.

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