Saturday, August 1, 2009

What is a Talisman and How Can it Help You in Your Life?

By Alison Yates

A Talisman is defined as "an object marked with magic
signs and believed to confer on its bearer supernatural powers or

Not to be confused with a lucky charm, for general
good luck, talismans are magical objects to help you attract a specific

Think of the things you desire most, such as a loving
partner, wealth, fertility, or better health, and this is what
talismans can attract to you. In fact any positive purpose.

To be
effective, it is thought that a talisman must be charmed by a witch,
High Priestess, or other religious leader. The object can be marked
with visible symbols of sacred geometric design, or magically inscribed
with a "Spell".

At a time when witches were being persecuted by
the Christians, who were fearful they would attract followers and
reduce their own power and influence in society, a secret ancient
language was developed, to enable the witch fraternity to communicate
without being betrayed by what they said. Many witches use this
alphabet today. The wish or desire is "spelled out" upon the face of
the talisman in this secret ancient alphabet by a witch.

object so inscribed is often a crystal, earthly objects themselves,
that hold ancient and powerful energy to heal and attract. The crystal
can be carried by the owner at all times, and provides a constant
reminder and physical focus to what the owner desires.

Once the
crystal talisman is inscribed it is best charged under the light of a
Full Moon and activated by the owner. Activation is achieved by bonding
closely with the magical object. Keeping it with you at all times, day
and night, will help it's aura become merged with yours.

One of
the most positive things about a magical talisman, in addition to any
magical power and the ability to attract what you desire, is the fact
that having it will cause your subconscious mind to work towards you
achieving your desire, by seeking out opportunities and enabling
correct decision in you pursuit of your goals.

Whatever positive
purpose you desire, whether to attract love, wealth or better health,
there is no better powerful magic than a magical talisman.

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