Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Learn Witchcraft As it Should Be Done

By Michael G Day

So you want to be a witch and you want to be able to
cast spells right away. Good luck finding someone to teach you. A
practicing witch may well teach you but you must learn witchcraft as it
should be done. Solo or in a coven you will have to begin with the

Witchcraft has a set of basic principles that most adhere
to. No two covens are identical and each will have some variations
depending on it's own leadership. Learning from a solo witch brings in
even more variables. The basics are fairly constant though.

first principle states that you can do as you will, so long as you harm
none. That also means you cannot harm yourself. Harming others includes
gratuitous violence such as war unless in self defense.

The law
of cause and effect. Every action has a reaction and every effect has a
cause. All things occur according to this law and whatever goes forth
will return threefold.

Harmonizing with the universe is another
basic principle. This involves recognizing that everything is dual.
This can best be summed up by saying that to every action there is a
reaction and that everything has an opposite. All things are balanced.

things exist within the universe and therefore all live. Nothing is
dead. This in turn means that there is no true death as we merely alter
our condition or state.

All Gods are one God and all Goddesses
are one Goddess. What these are called may be different in any given
tradition but they are all one in the same no matter how the individual
tradition chooses to name them.

Care for the body as it contains
the spark of life. Heal others, both physically and psychologically,
but only with their consent and express permission.

These are not
all of the basic principles but cover some of them. All are equally
important. Once you have learned all of that then you might begin to
harmonize with nature and learn magick. Learn witchcraft as it should
be done, do not try to run before you can walk.

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