Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Astrological Overview

By Carol Barbeau

October 2009

Doorways to better relationships Open for us all.

Birthday Libra and Scorpio Sun signs and for us all; Let us welcome the
energy of fall as we are asked to draw inwards, to reconnect with
source and give gratitude's for the harvest of this year. Look at what
you have and be open to recognizing your gifts.

October is the
doorway to the darker part of the year, and many cultures celebrate the
end of October in honor of those who had died. The ancient Persians
celebrated Mordad, dedicated to appeasing the Angel of Death. The
Hindus celebrate a festival of the dead called "Durga." The ancient
Egyptians celebrated the Day of the Dead in November, and the Mexicans
and Peruvians commune with deceased relatives during the "Days of the
Dead" at the end of October and beginning of November.

Christian holy day, All Hallows Eve on October 31st is the day before
All Saints Day. For all cultures this is a time each year to honor that
which has gone before and as the veils between the worlds grow thinner
open to our own intuition and dreams. We call this Halloween but
whatever you call it, this is a busy month. What needs to die and be
left behind for yourself is the question we all should be asking as we
enter this October.

This is the 10th month of a number 11 year of
master relationships. This October is anything but calm, and you may
have to work much harder than normal to move inwards as many planets
begin their movement forward and events around us finally begin to

And try to push us outwards..

For Romance and creativity this month use the colors of blues and pinks .

Sacred stones associated with the energy of Libra and Scorpio are Opals
and Tourmaline. Opals are said to be the stone of Libra. IF this is
your birthstone Libras this is a talisman of hope and embodies the
colors of all precious stones. The mercurial color shifts of Opals
resonate with the Air sign of Libra and the mercurial qualities of that
sign. The essential Oil for Libra is Geranium.

Tourmaline is the
lucky stone for Scorpio (Or the house or area within your chart where
you have this energy) Tourmalines are many colored but whatever color
you choose this stone balances the polarity of its wearer. Green for
healing, Blue to more clearly communicate, pink for love and so on.
Tourmalines are said to deflect negative energy and many healers have
wands made of this wonderful stone. I always advise that for fall we
bring in a great deal of black tourmaline, and obsidian to help us
create sacred and safe space.

With so many earth changes in place
right now, Use the energy of nature this month and find herbs, and
stones which feel good to you and use them to create a magical energy
around and within yourself.

The sun is now wearing the
relationship sign of Libra until the 22nd asks us to balance self with
others and recognize that we must care for self before we can care for
others. Mercury was retrograde last month and will remain in that
retrograde shadow until it reaches 6 degrees of Libra where it
retrograded. So, on the 9th as Mercury is back in Libra you should
begin to feel things reorganizing themselves and on the 14th we are out
of the shadow and on our way.

On the 3rd The full Harvest moon
with the moon at 11 degrees of Aries (about self and motivation,
bravery and courage) and the sun at 11 degrees of Libra (about balance
and others) really works to help us believe that anything is possible.
Add to this Jupiter moving forward on the 12th and on the 30th Chiron
the wounded healer moving forward.

On the 4th of November Neptune
will move forward and these magic 3 energies of Believe (Jupiter) Heal
(Chiron) and create a new life with intuition and imagination (Neptune)
will have their final connect in your lifetime in Aquarius. Watch for
great opportunities to see others and maybe your Mind change, ideas
shift, and you will never ...ever...have a better month to change your
mind and change your life. Let go of doubts, and again, look at
yourself, look in the mirror and recognize inner healing as you believe
you can change and the change in self often creates changes in others.

for great opportunities but slow down with decisions during the week of
the 11th through the 18th as we have a great deal happening in the sky
which will change some circumstances for many of us.

Venus the
planet of love and beauty moves out of critical and analytical (but
healing) Virgo on the 14th and romance and relationships are strong
this month. Mars the planet of action wearing the watery sign of Cancer
has not been a very happy planet this last 60 days but on October 16th
when it enters the passionate sign of Leo things seem to be less
emotional and more heart centered.

The Dark of the moon (Magical
intention time) is a much more cautious energy this month. We will have
a great deal of information coming in on those dark of the moon days
15th and 16th and until 10:33pm on the 17th when we have our October
new Moon at 25 degrees of Libra. New moons are time of GROWTH and a
time when things happen more easily normally and this one is really
trying to move us out to get together with others.

On the 22nd as
the SUN (the light) moves into Scorpio we begin to really feel the
energy of fall and begin to be more willing to look at deeply within
with this watery energy opening us to deeper connection with guides and
angels as well as our inner beliefs.

Use the 26th, 27th, and 28th
to heal old issues as the moon joins during these days with Jupiter,
Chiron and Neptune and creates some energies of opening us to divine
connection and healing if we can just use faith and trust.

On the
29th for the first time in 29 and ½ years Saturn the planet of
organization and order moves into the relationship sign of Libra.
Expect more marriages, and more people partnering in unique and
wonderful ways this next 2 and ½ years and for us Libra, it will be
time to get out and become all we can be. AND for us all, time to
really look at our relationships in a new way of WIN WIN and ask
ourselves.... Is there anything more wonderful than love?

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for more free articles on mercury retrograde, Saturn into Libra, and
other planets and events. I will be unavailable from the 10th through
the 20th as this is my birthday month and I am going to run away and

We are in a time which we will never see again for
thousands of years, and using the energy for the next 60 days to heal
the past and dream the future requires nothing more than trust and
being willing to open to a will which perhaps knows more than our own

Perhaps there is something here for us this last few
months of 2009 which we could never have even dreamed for ourselves and
what if all we have to do is to be OPEN? Welcome in October and Open to
the wonderful new future.

Barbeau Astrologer, lecturer, teacher and author lives in Seattle
Washington and sees clients all over the world. Carol has been teaching
people how to flow energetically with the tides of life for over 40

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