Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pluto and the Underworld - Garrido, Fritzl

By Curtis F. Williams

In my opinion, the planets in astrology are not the
cause of unsettling events, they just herald them in. I find it so very
disturbing that the seemingly recent back to back high profile cases of
the two young girls that were abducted from their own homes; one in her
own home, and the other only a short distance from her home.
Unfortunately, these two highly publicized cases are not unusual by any
means, just so very similar in their circumstances.

For those of
you who aren't familiar with Roman or Greek mythology, the planet Pluto
(yes, I still count it as a planet), and Hades respectively, is god of
the underworld. Myth says that Pluto quite literally abducted
Proserpina (also known as Peresophne) to the underworld to marry her,
and live with him in Hades. Ceres (Roman mythology) also known as
Demeter (Greek mythology) was Prosperina's mother. Demeter was so
traumatized by her daughters abduction that she had to petition Zeus
(Jupiter/ law and order) the father of Prosperina, to broker a deal and
get her daughter back. Long story short, a deal was brokered and
Prosperina was allowed to live above ground for 6 months of the 12
month year; this meant that from September to March (Fall and Winter)
Prosperina had to live underground with her unwanted, and abducting
husband Pluto; when she reappeared in Spring she brought new life and
beginnings to the physical world.

Both Mr Garrido (August
28-2009) and Mr. Fritzl (March 26 2008) epitomize these Plutonian forms
of actions and behavior; each one an abductor, each fathering children
with children, and each one remaining uncaptured for decades. Mr Fritzl
as you may know, literally kept his daughter underground, never
allowing her out of the basement of his home; however both of these men
exhibited the very nature represented by Pluto through abduction, rape,
and imprisonment.

Pluto was at 0 degrees Capricorn (the Aries
Point, action, thrust into the world's consciousness) when these two
young women were finally rescued, and released. Pluto is a trans Saturn
planet which suggests this is a generational message or lesson; but we
don't seem to be getting it, or paying attention until the next
abduction is on every television channel. There are 800,000 child
abductions reported each year or about 2,000 a day in the U.S. (World
News, 7-8-2009), and each year these statistics are increasing. We as a
culture have disbanded from the family unit and of raising our children
as a village once did, loosing sight of are our most valued and
treasured resources which are our children; how could it appear
otherwise with these shocking statistics.

Williams is a professional, practicing Humanistic Astrologer and has
been for over 20 years, with formal astrological training and
certifications through Glenn Perry's Academy of Astro Psychology and
Noel Tyl's Master's Degree Course. Life experience and personal growth
brought him to Astrology.

Curtis has been a Reiki practitioner
since 2002, with Master/Teacher certifications in both Usui and Karuna
Reiki®. Volunteer Reiki facilitator at the Hearst Cancer Research
Center and Homeless Shelter in San Luis Obispo, California. Curtis'
goal is to integrate and use both of these predictive and healing
modalities to help bring a better understanding and clarity for my

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