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The Spirit of the Blackthorn Tree

By Peter Boxall

From the earliest times our Celtic and Druid
ancestors from Iron Age times and probably before, the countryside in
which they lived was the centre of their universe. It was full of
meaning and wisdom. The trees were particularly important in the role
each should play in their lives. We can once again use this ancient
wisdom, along the part the trees played in the seasons of the year, and
the time of birth and death in their lunar months. One of the trees
that had great powers in their world was the Blackthorn.

It was
firstly symbolic of its bright white blossom in the early spring. A
coming out into the white pure light, shown by the brightness of its
flowers appearing out of the darkness of the winter, like our ancestors
we can see this time of blossom as time of coming out of a black
period, a time of darkness, of death, and a new awakening. A time of a
stirring of positivity within one's self and a time of emergence from
the long dark times of winter, a dark place, time of difficulty, a
depressing time. Let the blossom be your light at the end of the dark

As the first green shoots of the early leaves start to
appear, so our first creative signs will start to appear, nourish them
and let them open out as the leaves of the Blackthorn open out in

The Black thorn is the Tree of Strength and Perseverance,
so strong and resilient is its wood to the weather, the cutting of its
branches for staffs and also for the shillelagh, it is hard wood and,
grows back very quickly and stronger, and can grow where many other
trees cannot. Let the Blackthorn be your strength, your perseverance,
use it as your staff, as did Joseph of Arimathea when he arrived in
Glastonbury and planted his staff which took root and blossomed. Let
your creative thoughts planted blossom and come forth in positivity.

your path there will still be trials and tribulations, but new growth
of your strength will see you through, with the help of you staff and
perseverance. The Blackthorn as it name implies, is a thorny tree, this
is for its protection and it also protect all who use this protection
for the safety of their nests, their homes, and in caterpillars, their
metamorphosis into beautiful butterflies, and in this way the
Blackthorn will protect you in your infancy of your new found
creativity, and during your metamorphosis into the wonderful being you
are, so that you may bask in the warm rays of the sun in harmony with
mother nature.

The Celtic other use for the Staff or walking
stick or Shillelagh was as a Cudgel combining supportiveness and a way
of fending off people in self defence, this you can remember when
anybody tries to beat you down or suppress those new creative thoughts
and aspirations, a the Blackthorn also is sin ominous with standing up
for ones rights, assertiveness and obstinacy, which is not a bad thing
in rebuilding ones life.

The Celtic People also believed that the
thorns on the tree provided protection for Ghosts, particularly in
Ireland, so the tree can also protect you for your ghosts, and lay them
to rest.

In Irish stories Blackthorn could be used in spells of
protection, heroes were aided, if they threw a twig of Blackthorn
afternoon, it would take root and form an impenetrable hedge or woods,
thwarting the pursuing giant, in the same way the blackthorn can
protect you by putting an impenetrable barrier between your new
beginnings and that was behind you.

In England Witches would
carve the Norse Rune Thorn on a Blackthorn Stave for protection.
Traditionally, Blackthorn is used in protection against evil, creating
boundaries, purifying, confronting our own dark side. Black thorn
dispels negativity, toxins, old wounds and impurities. It is used in
exorcisms, and associated with chthonic and protective deities. All
these assosciations will help you reinforce and protect your way
forward along your path toward your aims and self belief. 

Trees and Shrubs are said to be held sacred by fairies. The Luantishees
are the Blackthorn Fairies, who guard the trees, November 11th is their
festival. All thorny trees and shrubs are said to serve as meeting
places for fairies. Kindling a fire of thorn wood atop a fairy mound is
also said to force a fae to return a stolen child.Let this be your
sacred and the meeting place of your thoughts to decide which path to
follow to achieve everything have ever wished for.

A Blackthorn
Stave in the creation of a Sprite or Spirit Trap, it is used in
combination with copper wire, which must not have been used for the
carrying of electricity. The copper wire is bound to the stave with red
thread and the stave is marked with a Dag or Rune. The procedure is
carried out mainly for its symbolic value in religious tradition. The
single traps are used at night, when the trap is set at the entrance to
a home, church, graveyard or other location were sprite disturbances
are taking place. To attract the troublesome entity, a cleft Blackthorn
Stave with a lighted candle is place in front of the trap.

the Sprite has been captured, it is removed from the location, and the
red thread is cut with a consecrated knife, the thread is then placed
into a prepared witch bottle. If the bottle has been prepared to
imprison the sprite or spirit, a spell is recited while the thread is
placed into it. Finally the bottle is corked and sealed with red wax
before being buried. A Blackthorn or Thorn Bush or Tree is planted on
the site. The witch bottle is a very old spell device that has stood
the test of time. The spell is a magical act intended to cause an
effect on reality using supernatural means of liturgical or ritual

In this same way if your sprite or spirit comes back to
bother you,simply wind some red cotton or material around your door
handle before retiring to bed and in the morning cut the tie and put in
a pot and bury it, if you are not able to bury the item, caste it far
away.If you believe your sprite is within you loosely tie a wrist or
ankle band of red material before going to bed, and in the morning draw
off, do not cut the cloth whole and either put it in securely fastened
pot, or if you have a fire, cast it into the fire and the sprite will

It is said that if a witch's bottle is ever found and opened, a very angry sprite or spirit will escape.

Blackthorn being a tree is an iconic image of heraldry and of symbolic
significance in various cultures throughout the world. It represents
many things, including the Great Mother in her nourishing, sheltering
and caring form, as well as a sacred spot of attainment and Spiritual
Enlightenment.If you are in the countyside of find a Blackthorn Tree or
Bush, you may have one in your hedge, park, just take a few moments to
draw in the energy given off from the Blackthorn. PLease take care not
to be be spiked by the thorns. Thet are best viewed in flower or with
there slow berries.

Being deeply rooted into the evolutionary
psychology of our race as well as earth's powers, it draws water from
the soil and stretches up to the heavens and eternity, acting as a
world axis. In occult or Gnostic circles, it is seen as being
emblematic of the axis mundi, the world pillar, and the centre of the
earth itself. It is closely linked to the symbolism of the pillar and
the mountain, as well as connotations of a phallic representation, best
signified by the ancient usage of obelisks for ritual and ceremonial
purposes. It serves as an intermediary icon of the mysterious
dimensions between the realm of the Gods and men. A common Shamanic
concept has the seeker or healer using the tree in order to transverse
the physical realm and bring back secrets from hidden dimensions. Use
this power to follow your Spiritual Path, and seek the power and energy
to sustain and grow your spirituallity and let it become firmly rooted
and grow strong inside you, let it be you staff, your help and guidance
and your link to spiritual guidance and reassurance whenever called
upon.Let your spirituality lead you to a better and enriched way of

Such is the Power of the Blackthorn Tree, I hope you will
find it useful if ever the need arises, or if you find yourself or have
a friend or relation who can gain some assistance from any part of this
article. You may wish to print off the article.

If you ever have
a problem, and you need assistance on a spiritual level or just need a
good listener do not hesitate to contact me and I shall give you my
email address, so it will be confidential on a one to one basis only.

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