Monday, October 5, 2009

How to Use a Ouija Board - 3 Ouija Board Rules You Should Know

By Richard L. Blaine

The Ouija Board is an old "game" and I usually
refrain from using the word "game" but it does offer a common point of
reference. The fact of the matter is that the Ouija has been around for
quite some time and has been used by many. Many people when they want
to learn how to use a Ouija Board just go out to the local toy store
and buy a generic mass produced Board, and that is fine. The issue here
is that many people after doing this just read whatever instructions
happen to come with the "game" and then get together with friends and
just "wing it!" I really do not suggest this.

If you are going to
learn how to use the Ouija correctly there are some rules that you
should be aware of. These rules or guidelines will only enhance your
Ouija Board experiences and make things safer for you in the long run.
So here are three simple Rules you should know:

Rule #1: The old
saying of "It takes two to tango" applies to the Ouija Board! It is
always best to not use one alone, when learning how to use a Ouija
Board having two people is most advisable. One male and one female for
a balancing of energies is recommended.

Rule #2: A person can
learn how to use a Ouija during the day, but the daylight hours are
full of noise and static electricity. This is the time when wherever it
is that you live is the busiest and the noisiest. When learning how to
use a Ouija Board, the night time is the best time as it is quieter and
the overwhelming electric noise of a nine to five civilization has
quieted. This is most definitely the best time. The power of the moon
and the forces of night only enhance the experience of the board.

#3: It is always best to have or to be in a nice quiet place to
practice your Board skills. Make sure the lights are dimmed and the
energy of white candles is around you. It is always advisable that you
not have any electrical or other devices that create an electric field
in the immediate area as that can disturb the atmosphere around you.
Keep it simple, no electrical devices! Nothing with the "hum" of
energy. No static electrical fields! That means no TV's and no radios
and the like. The only energy in the room should be you and your
partner and the energy of the Ouija Board itself. No other vibrations
should be present.

When learning how to use a Ouija board
there are many things to consider and one of the best ways to approach
using a Ouija is consistency. Have a methodology set up and stick to
it. Make your Ouija board experiences as positive and enjoyable as

To learn more about how to use a Ouija board properly
and to enhance your enjoyment of your Ouija board experiences please

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