Monday, October 5, 2009

Psychic Children - Their Gifts Are Our Future

by Tana Hoy

We were all born with the natural gift of psychic ability. Some of us, though, need to go through a process of meditation and practice just to draw it out and develop it. On the other hand, some of us are just naturally inclined to it and our psychic ability surfaces on the onset of consciousness.

Some children have an advanced psychic ability at a very young age. At the early stages of their lives, they may start manifesting and demonstrating psychic abilities which other people can only achieve after years of practice. The psychic abilities of these children can manifest in many different ways. For example, there are those who can see not just with their eyes, but with other body parts as well. There are those who can see spirits of the deceased.

Psychic children can continuously develop their abilities with our help as adults. In time, we will see how, in their own way, these children can play a vital role in our lives. This is what makes them special - their ability to make a difference in how we view things and live our lives. With their psychic gift, these children can affect us in many ways.

The Profound Ways How Psychic Children Can Influence The Way We Live Our Lives

By caring for these children and encouraging the development of their special abilities, we are also allowing them to take part in our own growth and development as adults. Here are a few of the ways we can mutually help each other:

Psychic children can send and bring messages for us, to and from the spiritual realms.

Children can easily see spirits and angels because their minds are sensitive and very open. This is also why they can openly talk and play with these spirits and angels. When they do, though, it is often interpreted by most grown-ups as "imaginary" play. We should, however, be open enough to discuss with children what they see so that they do not lose touch with their ability to do this.

By the time psychic children are fully grown, their psychic ability will have fully developed as well; this means a community of psychically developed adults in the future.

We can help our psychic children of today as they grow with their special gifts. As they get used to it, we can teach them the basics of meditation and visualization. This will help them control their minds and create shields of protection when needed. They will continue to develop this as they grow up.

Psychic children can speak to us in a manner that will enlighten us.

Children can freely talk and express their thoughts without fear of being ridiculed or sounding odd. If we really pay attention to their words, which are spoken in very simple ways, we will find they hold wisdom. For example, when they speak of death as "a really long nap time," it may sound funny to some, but there is a reality to it that can open the eyes of grown-ups.

Psychic children promote an atmosphere of love and peace.

Children are very transparent when it comes to their emotions - you can totally see if they are excited, contented, or very pleased. When children feel great and happy, their energies fill up an entire room, and everyone in it experiences the same youthful, energetic, and positive flow of their energies.

By being conscious of how we raise our psychic children of today, we will have a future community of psychically advanced people.

Bringing up these psychic children in an environment where their abilities are acknowledged, cultivated, and enhanced, will teach them to show the same kind of understanding and care when they are adults, towards the next generation of children who are just as gifted as they are now.

Psychic ability is a gift we were all born with, and we are all capable of developing it to the fullest. Some children are born with this ability already fully developed with their minds open and accepting of anything they perceive. They are not held back by fears and worries of being different. They are free to say what's on their minds, and their words usually carry wisdom in them. This is why it will help us to listen to them and consider the meanings of their words. Their abilities offer the keys to making great changes in our future.

Tana Hoy has been giving psychic readings to people for most of his life. He has also helped many people develop their psychic ability. Get to know more about Tana Hoy by checking out his web site.

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