Sunday, November 1, 2009

‘glass Through Table’ Magic Trick!

Here’s how!
For this classic effect you will need a glass that is the same size all the way up (not tapered) and a napkin or some wrapping paper. You will need to be seated for this.

When you have finished your drink, attract everyone’s attention. IA loud burp should suffice).

Place the glass, mouth down on the table and cover it with the napkin or wrapping paper. Form the napkin / paper around the glass so that it forms the same shape as the glass.

Borrow a coin and place it on the table. Now cover the coin with the glass and its cover, stating that you will try to make the coin melt through the table.

Lift up the glass and its cover and bring them back towards your body, showing that coin is there. Replace the glass and make a magical, mystical gesture. Again lift the glass and its cover, bringing them back towards your body, showing that the coin still hasn’t vanished.

On the third try, lift the glass and cover and bring them back towards your body. When all attention is on the coin, secretly let the glass slip out of its cover, naturally falling into your lap.

If you wrapped the napkin / paper around the glass tightly enough, it should stay the same shape when the glass slips out as if the glass is still inside.

Place the cover back over the coin as if it still has the glass underneath.

Act a little annoyed and then slam your hand down on the cover.

Your spectators will be shocked to see that you have made the glass melt through the table instead! Reach under the table and bring the glass back into view, stating that you really need to practice that one!

By: David Hertz

David Hertz is a magic tricks enthusiast. Want more great beginners magic tricks, visit .

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