Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to Bless Your Magick Wand

By Mary Thame

When you are in possession of a brand new magick wand there is a temptation to immediately start using it. However, there is an important step to take before you use it for the first time. Consecrating a new wand creates a bond between the tool and its owner. It will also remove any negative energy the wand may have inadvertently picked up during the construction process.

Blessing your magick wand involves a simple ritual that will ensure your new tool works in a positive manner. If you do not know how to bless your magic wand then do not despair. This article will provide inspiration and ideas to help you come up with a simple charging ritual. You can then use this to bless your new wand.

Blessing a magick wand is a very straightforward ritual but nevertheless good practice. The owner is simply asking the chosen god, goddess or deity to cleanse the wand and to empower it so the tool performs exactly as required. If possible you should write down your own wordage. This will make the ritual unique to you and increases the effectiveness and potency.

The wand blessing ritual does not have to be lengthy. A few choice words will work perfectly. If you buy your magick wand then some craftsman with knowledge of witchcraft and the occult will bless the tool for you prior to despatch. This can be a useful option for newcomers to the craft. However, most people would agree the best course of action is for the experienced practitioner to consecrate their own tools.

The blessing ritual should be performed at your altar. Summon your favourite god or goddess and ask them to bless your wand. If your tool will be used for certain types of ritual for example money spells then dedicate the tool for use in that particular niche. After you have finished speaking pass the wand through some incense smoke. You may also anoint the wand with suitable oil. Finally leave the wand untouched for 36 hours after which time it will be ready for use.

After reading this article, you should now know how to bless your magick wand. The next time you have a new wand in your possession, you will be able to perform a blessing ritual. This will ensure both the practitioner and the wand work together to produce an optimum level of performance. This will in turn deliver powerful results from your ritual and spell work.

The author is an experienced witch with a passion for all aspects of witchcraft and the occult. She has a wealth of experience in the art of spellcasting and rituals. Mary has perfected her magickal skills over the last 12 years and is now part of a powerful coven of 13. You can see more of her work by visiting Magick Wood Wands where you will find some unique wands and other ritual tools.

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