Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Dirty Little Secrets of Vampires

By Roberta Griffin

Vampires, strong, beautiful and seductive, lure you into their unbreakable spell by a simple thought or gesture. The darkness cloaks them as they patiently wait for the perfect moment to snatch their prey and feed. Their strength is unrivaled by any mere human being or animal. Their bite is fatal. That is not enough I'm sure to end the unyielding attraction to the sexy blood drinkers of our time.

Dracula, Lestat, Louie and Edward Cullen are just a few of the vampires that have turned vampires into the sex symbols they are today. They can bewitch a whole community with their exquisite beauty and placid disposition. With the charms bestowed upon them when becoming a vampire they have no need to hunt, only to wait for their victim to earnestly give themselves over to the wanton desires of the diabolical creature, the insatiable thirst for blood. But, has it always been this easy to live as a vampire? Please, let's take a walk down the dark, dreary history of the ancient vampire.

During the Ancient Mesopotamian and Ancient Greek era, tales of demons and evil spirits were the precursor to the modern vampire. They often would visit loved ones or places they were familiar with. The results of their visits were often mischief and death. Witnesses have described their visiting vampires as wearing shrouds and bloated with a pinkish, bluish or dark appearance. More often than not they would have blood seeping from their mouth and nose which usually meant they had just fed. While in their coffin they would usually have their left eye open. Keeping an eye out for enemies, I presume?

As time went on, vampires were thought to be revenants of evil beings, suicide victims, witches or corpses possessed by evil spirits. The tale of the vampire came into popularity during the 18th Century from South-Eastern Europe, The Balkans, with their oral traditions of recording testimonials from the different ethnic groups throughout. Belief in these stories were the cause of a mass-hysteria in some areas so far as to have graves exhumed and the corpses staked, and people thought to be vampires executed publicly.

But really how were these vampires made? Well here are just a few of the ways one might become a vampire. Get an animal, preferably a dog or cat to jump over your corpse. A wound left untreated with boiling water would put you at risk. If you were a witch or warlock or any sort of sinner or heretic rebelling against the church was a first-class ticket to becoming a vampire. And then of course there is the ever famous "Vampire's Kiss" where there is the transfer of blood and bodily fluids in which the vampire drinks the blood of his victim and in return the vampire pierces his own skin and has his victim drink his blood. Van Helsing refers to this as "the vampires' baptism of blood."

So how do we identify a vampire and what do we do to protect ourselves? The first way to identify a vampire is to find a virgin boy and place him on a virgin stallion and lead them around a grave yard. The horse would then balk at the vampire's grave. Another sign would be holes appearing in the earth over the vampire's grave. When the coffins were opened, the corpses having a healthy appearance with little or no decomposition and even plump from recent feedings were sure signs of a vampire. And where there were mass amounts of livestock illnesses and deaths equaled another telltale sign. So to protect yourself from these menacing creatures known as the vampire, you can do one of many things. The use of garlic is a great deterrent, the use of mustard seeds, poppy seeds, rice and millet compel the vampire to count each one, keeping him busy until sunrise. One may use a cross or holy water to protect themselves against vampires along with your strong belief that this is truly a symbol of god's light and goodness.

And in the end the destruction of the vampire is done by a stake through the heart, removal of the head and burying it between the vampires' legs so that he may not be able to reach it. Pour boiling water over the vampires' grave. Shoot him while in his coffin with a consecrated silver bullet. Take a consecrated silver coin with a cross imprinted on it, break it into four pieces, place it in a gun and shoot the vampire. All these are ways that will destroy a vampire. And remember never invite a vampire into your home, especially for dinner. No matter how persuasive these charming members of the blood sucking family are today, once they're in you will end up the dinner.

Roberta Griffin is an entrepreneur and writer. With her vivid imagination and colorful use of words she enjoys the challenges of taking information that is insipid or tired and exploding it into an engaging and compelling portrayal of what the information should be, never boring but to the point. For more information about Roberta you can check out her website at, or my blog at

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