Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Capricorn Dragon Forecast

By Dr. Louis Turi

Saturn Governs the Power-Oriented, Structural Constellation of Capricorn

Builder of the greatest towers
Holding all the social powers
Striving to climb to the highest peak
For honor has no place for the weak
I am CAPRICORN, child of Saturn.

Characteristics For Those Born In January

2010 Capricorn Dragon Forecast; Important Note from Dr. Turi: Born and raised in Provence, France, I rekindled and exercise only Nostradamus' 16th-century Divine Astrology method. This formula does not reflect the modern astrology disciplines you may use, study or practice. For those born on the cusp of any zodiacal sign, simply refer to the month of your birth, which reflects the exact constellation of your nativity. If you know your rising read the forecast for your ascendant too.

Saturn rules the practical sign of Capricorn and controls the month of January. You are strongly motivated to succeed and with dedication you will gain a position of power and respect in your life. You are gifted with computers and you possess strong organizational principles. More than any other sign of the Zodiac you strive for respect and accomplishments. Saturn is a karmic planet and rules your life, thus you must avoid nurturing depressing thoughts. The part of God in you is much stronger than the stars you inherited and you do have the power to master and use the Cosmic Code at your advantage. You were born in the middle of the winter when nature was asleep. You must have realized early on, that nothing would come easily to you.

Like the goat slowly but surely and against all odds (cold/wind/snow) you must climb towards the top of the mountain. The first part of your life will be a long and painful struggle but Saturn will reward you by giving you a long life and a well-deserved position at the end. You will appreciate old age and solid financial security. You may also marry a much younger or older partner. The fluctuations of the Moon strongly affect your mood and career success. The wise Capricorn soul will use his fish tail accordingly and synchronize his life and business with the Universal tides. Steadiness, organization, patience, and charm belong to you. You have a strong architectural or mathematical ability and your keen sense of observation will help you succeed in life. Karmic Saturn will exact payment for manipulating others for selfish ends and will throw the soul back to a painful start. You are attracted to power and successful people and you may marry into wealth. Emotional and sensitive, you are very responsible and protective of the family circle. However you must learn to openly communicate your deep feelings.

Your real gifts are your mind, Astropsychology, electronics, and any career supported by Uncle Sam. Your own natal Dragon can propel you to the highest position and supreme power if you use it accordingly. But your challenge is to open up to the intangible world of the spirit and its accompanying Universal rules. Your natural tendency to organize people and business at all times could hinder your sensitivity to others. Capricorns are good homemakers and adept with investments. As a rule you favor a successful business environment where you can apply your tremendous organizational gifts.

A word of caution for Capricorn: Be aware of those wild acquaintances willing to help you to climb the ladder of success. Remember to respect the Universal Law (see Moon Power), as your awareness of Moon planning will become a major contribution for happiness and success. The location of your natal Dragon's Head or Tail will seriously alter the strength or weakness of Saturn in your chart. The downfall of your spirit is religion and/or chemical addictions. Rush Limbaugh and Mel Gibson are good example involving religion and chemical substance abuse.

2010 - Forecast For Those Born In January

Personal: On August 22nd 2009 the powerful Dragon's Head moved into the sign of Capricorn in your 1st house and will reside in this structural, career oriented, political sign until March 4th 2011.

On your first house (yourself) the Dragon will force you to "rebuild" your atomic structure and will lead you to exercise or undergo worthwhile dieting programs and present a new you and a new image to the world. Indeed a very important year for you as you must be "reborn" in so many ways. The Dragon's Head will induce a great opportunity to establish a new you and a fresh way of looking at the world. The Dragon's Head on yourself will also help you to re-create a new image to the world. Right "on yourself" the Dragon will induce serious personal, physical changes and will not accept anything or anybody that might try to limit your career progress. A new way of dealing with the world, with children in a new you will be induced by the Dragon's Head. Be ready, and accept those changes with confidence. Matters involving career, health, fame, education and partnerships will become powerful driving forces. The lucky souls born in January will enjoy new business opportunities and/or new worthwhile love relationships. Many hard-working souls born in January will get the opportunity to improve their images and abilities with computers and initiate good home businesses. Following a study many Capricorn souls will be promoted to a new higher position to service the world. This will open exciting doors to others leading to more worthwhile business partnerships. This impact will also bring about rewarding financial contracts.

The Dragon's Tail location in the sign of Cancer in your 7th house (partners / marriage / others) will impose a total re-structure and attract powerful, even famous or very magnetic artistic partners. Be prepared to use your will and avoid disheartening thoughts when dealing with all the stress that the Tail of the Dragon may challenge you with. The disturbing Tail of the Dragon in Cancer in your partnerships area will induce serious challenges and will force you to re-evaluate your business or emotional relationships where those who do not deserve you will be forced out and be replaced by new and much worthwhile partners.

In 2010 the "Great Beneficial Jupiter (Luck / expansion / protection / traveling / foreigners / studying) will be cruising though the sign of Pisces from January 18th 2010 until January 23rd 2011 in your 3rd house of mental creativity and general communication.

The dragon may force you to take on some serious study and will induce short and far away trips. Others born in January will be forced to relocate, sell or invest in a new home; Souls born in January should be ready for new associations and great business deals with those born in November, May, September and July.

Important note: Depending on your rising sign or natal or hidden Dragon, the current dragon right on yourself may also affect your the subconscious house forcing you to undergo serious psychological changes. This can be really hard at time and even produce serious depressions even suicidal thoughts. You are strongly advised to stay clear from any and form of drugs. Positive actions and studies will help the regeneration process of your spirit. Indeed a very karmic year for Capricorns -Good luck to all souls born in January.


Dr. Turi

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