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2010 Gemini Dragon Forecast

By Dr. Louis Turi

Mercury Governs the Nervous and Witty Dual Constellation Of Gemini

Freethinking and intelligent
You will not find me under rigorous management
You may think you know me well
Then my other half over you casts a spell
I am GEMINI, child of Mercury.

Characteristics For Those Born In June

Important Note from Dr. Turi: Born and raised in Provence, France, I rekindled and exercise only Nostradamus' 16th-century Divine Astrology method. For those born on the cusp of any zodiacal sign, simply refer to the month of your birth, which reflects the exact constellation of your nativity. If you know your rising read the forecast for your ascendant too.

On a negative note, Mercury, the "Lord of the Thieves" breeds volatile and unreliable people due to their dual characteristics. You are a gifted communicator and radio, language, photography, sales, movies, acting, dancing and the medical field and any type of public relations work appeals to you. Your natural speed for life's experiences makes you impatient and nervous. You must learn to focus and crystallize your powerful mind. You have the potential to become an efficient speaker and produce interesting books. Due to your strong desire for security, many of you will be attracted to the real estate and food industries. Your financial potential is unlimited if you learn and make a good use of the Universal Law in charge of your Second House of income.

Strong Mercury will produce an incredible amount of physical and spiritual energy that must be dissipated. The unaware psychological fields classify those children as A.D.D. ("Attention Deficit Disorder"). Contrary to what scientists assume and perceive as an indisposition, it is actually a potent gift from God. The soul is simply programmed to naturally reject traditional education, thus opening the rare door to genius and with it the potential for new discovery. Incidentally, President Clinton, Einstein, and I were born with an "ADD affliction." Read "Are You A Genius" from Enzine articles.

Thus if a teacher is mistaken about some information, the Mercurial soul's inborn sense of curiosity and discovery will bring about potential information leading to the truth. Impatience, nervousness, mental curiosity, and a short attention span are your characteristics. You will never follow long established dogmas. Your Mercurial spirit will open new doors to mental exploration. You are curious by nature and are always questioning. Boredom is your worse enemy and you must associate with intellectual people who can stimulate your incredible mind. Telling jokes is also a part of your mental agility. A word of caution for you: Always be alert when the Moon crosses the deadly sign of Scorpio at work, especially after the Full Moon. Remember to respect the Universal Law as your awareness and moon planning will be a major contribution of avoiding dramatic experiences, and will help you reach many of your dreams. The location of your natal Dragon's Head or Tail will seriously alter the strength or weakness of Mercury in your chart.

2010 - Forecast For Those Born In June

On August 22nd 2009 the powerful Dragon's Head moved into to sign of Capricorn in your 8th house (metaphysics/investments/corporate money/legacy) and will reside in this structural, career oriented, political sign until March 4th 2011.

Personal: The new Dragon's Head will force you to re-evaluate all about your 2nd house (money, self esteem) and your 8th house (metaphysics, investments, and corporate endeavor, affairs of the dead or your partner's resources). Be ready, and accept upcoming draconic ethereal changes with confidence. New matters involving financial education, love, children, writing, the occult and the arts will become a new powerful driving force. Some lucky souls born in June will enjoy a deep and new spiritual study and gather serious cosmic consciousness while other older June/Gemini souls will be quite concerned about the affairs of death and lead themselves into a conventional religious upgrade. A new way of dealing with your own self worth and spirituality will be induced by the Dragon's Head in the house of mystery. Many hard-working Gemini will receive opportunities to improve their knowledge of finance and computers, and initiate good and rewarding business investments. Following an important decision to change their life many souls born in June will be traveling and enjoying new positions in servicing the world. This will open exciting doors to pass on your knowledge to others and attract very spiritual friends. In the long run, this impact will also bring about rewarding financial contracts and great self-esteem.

The Dragon's Tail's location in your 2nd house (money/self esteem), will impose a total re-structure of your finances and may lead you in the real estate endeavors. This may also bring serious stress involving your past, wrong investments or unsuspected accident, sickness or stress involving children. The Dragon will also remove unworthy business or unrewarding emotional partners positively or negatively (depending on your karma) affecting your finances in the process. Avoid unworthy or destructive thoughts about finances or death and old ideology will have to be removed and replaced by a more spiritually advances study (astrology etc.)

Be prepared to use your will and avoid disheartening thoughts when dealing with all the stress that the Tail of the Dragon on your self-esteem and finances may challenge you with. If karmic this turmoil could induce mental stress even depression during the waning moons of January and July 2010. Once more based upon your natal Dragon's Head and Tail in relationship to your natal Moon location and your karmic relationship with others, incredible positive time could also be experienced during those upcoming lunations.

Be also prepared to use your will and avoid disheartening thoughts when dealing with death or legacy including insurance or money matters brought by the Tail of the Dragon. You may not know it just yet but many souls will departs this world and many of your wishes will be granted after the painful restructure. Keep in mind that June soul's purpose is to further security and provide love and harmony at all times. This Dragon may also decide to help you establish yourself and run your own show or publish your work and become financially independent.

Much of the trouble may also come from serious losses or new laws established by Uncle Sam or the stock market failures. Challenging regenerative spiritual endeavors, combined with spiritual studies or more social interactions, could prove to be beneficial then. Do not let the nasty pull of the Dragon's Tail in your area of finance and mystical house get the best of your body and mind. You must learn to face the world with a higher awareness of your self-worth and work steadily towards your wishes. Providing you avoid nurturing pessimistic thoughts about money or the past, a very progressive time is ahead of you. Those who do not deserve your love or your support will have to go. Mercury your ruler can be startling in her rewards to you, especially if you deal with foreigners writing or teaching. And when he does bestow, it usually lasts forever. As a Mercury child born in June, your awareness of the Universal Law and planning accordingly will become a major contribution towards reaching many of your dreams. This celestial process will bring you much luck if you take on the challenge and invest in the metaphysical world and spiritual rules. The Dragon will establish many of your financial wishes this year but you must let go of your past.

In 2010 the "Great Beneficial Jupiter (Luck / expansion / protection / traveling / foreigners / studying) will be cruising though the sign of Pisces from January 18th 2010 until January 23rd 2011 in your 10th house of career matters and accomplishments.

You may be "forced" to travel and spend time with foreigners and benefit drastically in the long run if you take on the challenge to grow spiritually. Jupiter rules also foreigners and foreign affairs including higher education (philosophical/religious or spiritual). Remember to respect the Universal Law of the Moon fluctuations. Your awareness and respect of the Universal Law will become a major contribution towards establishing emotional, financial and spiritual stability. The opportunity to rebuild and make serious financial and emotional progress is offered to you this year. This celestial process will bring you much luck if you take on any challenges of investing in computerized education, metaphysical pursuits, traveling, or if you accept challenges with new partners. Jupiter smiles at you and those shining stars above your head are on your side.

Souls born in June are ready for new associations and great business deals with those born in October, February, December and August. The dragon may force you to relocate, sell or invest in a new home; make sure you know what your Astro-Carto-Graphy has in store for you these "new" stars may affect you positively or negatively. Being at the right place at the right time has a lot to do with your progress in terms of opportunities.

Important note: Those born in June will undergo a form of spiritual and financial death and rebirth this year where many will be forced to stand on their own and improve their financial revenues. Good luck to all souls born in June.

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