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2010 Pisces Dragon Forecast

By Dr. Louis Turi

Neptune Governs the Soft, Dreamy, Intuitive And Artistic Constellation Of Pisces

Mystical and magical
Nebulous and changeable
I work my way up life's rivers and seas
To my place at God's own feet
I am PISCES, child of Neptune.

Characteristics For Those Born In March:

Important Note from Dr. Turi: Born and raised in Provence, France, I rekindled and exercise only Nostradamus' 16th-century Divine Astrology method.

The planet Neptune and the sign of Pisces govern the month of March. You are a natural teacher, a philosopher and a perfectionist. You inherited a phenomenal intuition and you will exercise more intuition than logic in dealing with life in general. You are a gifted artist and you enjoy holistic endeavors. Many advanced Pisces are also involved in the medical profession and teaching. The young Pisces soul may also work in the construction fields. However Pisces must understand the importance of education if he is to use his full potential and teaching gifts. You are noted for your sensitivity, creativity, intuition and artistic values. Michelangelo Einstein and George Washington were also Pisces' Suns and so is Dr. Turi. All used their creativity to the fullest. Your downfall is an over preoccupation with others, guilt feelings, addictions and a blind acceptance of religious dogmas.

Nevertheless, your good heart is not surpassed by any other sign of the zodiac and the advanced ones possess spiritual healing powers. Highly evolved people born in March will lead many lost souls out of the deep clouds of deception towards the true colors of love and cosmic consciousness. Your soul's purpose is to swim upstream towards the ethereal light of oneness to find God. A young March spirit is deceiving, complaining and addicted to religious dogmas, cult endeavors, chemicals, drugs, and alcohol. Pisces is a karmic sign and has within itself the potential to reach immortality, fame and fortune through artistic or spiritual work.

In the medical aspect of Divine Astrology, Pisces rules the feet. It is important for you to walk barefoot on the grass or by the water to regenerate the body through the magnetic fields of the earth or the sea itself. Your intuition is remarkable and should be well heeded when confronted with serious decisions. A word of caution for Pisces: Do not swim downstream as your induced faith could take you to Neptune's deepest quicksand with no option for return. David Koresh and the Rev. Jim Jones are good examples of Neptune's deceiving religious Captains. Remember to respect the Universal Law (see Moon Power article on Enzine), as your awareness and Moon planning will become a major contribution to happiness and success. The location of your natal Dragons Head or Tail will seriously alter the strengths or weakness of Neptune in your chart.

2010 - Forecast For Those Born In March

On August 22nd 2009 the powerful Dragon's Head moved into to sign of Capricorn in your 11th house (wishes and your friends) and will reside in this structural, career oriented political sign until March 4th 2011.

Personal: The Dragon's Head will induce great opportunities to get involved with new groups and gain new friends as the old ones must be replaced. Be ready to restructure many of your wishes and to do lots of traveling with new groups. Those new friends still stimulate your desire to investigate the unknown or be part of a progressive movement that will benefit your spirit and the world furthering your wishes for great success. The Dragon's Head will also induce study involving computers or a website endeavors including metaphysics. A new desire for mental exploration will become a way to explore your capabilities in servicing the world both spiritually and electronically. Many of you will consider creating a business (or a child) and you will attract great people or opportunities to do so because of those new acquaintances. On your wishes area, the Dragon's Head creates a need for freedom and imposes fundamental changes leading you to travel both physically and spiritually. Matters involving friends, wishes, traveling to Europe/Japan health, education, electronics and the arts, including writing and publishing will become powerful driving forces.

With the Dragon's Tail (tough) in Cancer in your 5th house (love/romance / children) be prepared to use your will and avoid disheartening thoughts when dealing with all the challenge ahead of you. If karmic this turmoil could induce mental stress even expression during the waning moons of January and July 2010. Once more based upon your natal Dragon's Head and Tail in relationship to your natal Moon location and your karmic relationship with others, incredible time could be experienced during these upcoming lunation. Invest in your Personal Dragon Window dates to know more.

Be prepared to use your will and avoid disheartening thoughts when dealing with lovers and children and the failures of your past. You may not know it just yet, but many of your wishes can only be granted after the painful restructure. Do not let the nasty pull of the Dragon's Tail in your love and children area get the best of your body and mind. You may be forced to lose or experience serious stress and karma with family members. The positive Dragon's Head in Capricorn has a good plan for you and right on your wishes area the Dragon will induce a variety of positive circumstances with interesting people especially after any New Moons. Within the next few months or so, the fruits of many years of hard work will begin to pay off, but you might have to move and start fresh again. You must learn to face the world with a new positive attitude. Expect foreign business association, groups, contracts and traveling with new friends to bring you luck.

Providing you avoid nurturing pessimistic thoughts about your past or the family circle, a very progressive time is ahead of you. As a rule, those born in March strive for security and love in all aspects of their lives and this year you can do miracles. The Dragon's Tail might induce stress at home or with love or the kids but it is needed. Those who do not deserve you will have to go. Neptune is your ruler and can be surprising in its rewards to you, especially if you are aware of the moon's fluctuations. Your awareness of this Universal Law and planning accordingly will become a major contribution in reaching many of your dreams.

In 2010 the "Great Beneficial Jupiter (Luck / expansion / protection / traveling / foreigners / studying) will be cruising into the sign of Pisces from January 6th 2009 until January 18th, 2010 in your 1st house of (Self).

Jupiter expands all that he touches, so be ready to invest in highly advanced spiritual or Cosmic related material produced by influential foreigners. A word of caution, Jupiter (codification of thoughts) in Pisces steers Gurus that proclaims the "end of this world". Thus stay away from all form of deceiving dogmatic teachings and don't invest in foreign gurus teachings.

Avoid investing in the wrong education and deceptive organizations altering mankind's Cosmic Consciousness growth. Indeed the worse form of expression produced by Neptune or a "Neptunian" portrays a cult leader, a deceiving psychic or a sinister person teaching evil material. Based upon sensitive information one can make a good assessment of what a cult leader or a con artist is all about. A strong and negative expression of the planet Neptune will plague the subject's personality words, image and behavior in various ways.

Souls born in March are ready for new associations and great business deals with those born in July, January, November and September. Being at the right place at the right time has a lot to do with your progress in terms of opportunities. The knowledge found in Astro-Carto-Graphy would be a major contribution to your success (or your failure) in one of these new locations.

Important note: Depending on your rising sign or natal or hidden Dragon, 2010 may very well very interesting time for you where new friends will open interesting doors that will bring about many of your wishes and show your unselfish love. Good luck to all of those born in March.

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