Sunday, January 24, 2010

Aura and the Meaning of Its Colors

By Frederic C Padilla

People are familiar with the word aura, but only some of them understand what it is. Aura is inner energy emitted from human body that covers the whole part of the body in different colors. The colors will be different based on the on the physical condition and emotion. Therefore, it always changes day by day and is always different for each individual.

Aura covers our body with some different colors that has different meanings. They are:

1. White
The color reflects the spiritual level in a particular person. White is also considered as the basic color could be seen by people who learn to see auras.

2. Black
Black represents negative and bad thinking. Sometimes, people who have great sorrow or sadness also have this color layer.

3. Orange
Orange reflects ambition owned by an individual, as well as creativity, warm and spirit to achieve a certain goal.

4. Red
This color has positive and negative meanings. The positive meanings are including high affection and happiness, while the negative meaning is including anger.

5. Blue
Blue represents idealism, religious side, and desire.

6. Gold
Gold shows dynamic spiritual energy and shows the power owned by an individual. It is also owned by people who try to have perfect live with all of their mission and vision.

7. Green
This color represents sensitivity and high aspiration. Person with this color influences the sympathy and calm of other people, especially when this person has a desire to achieve his/her dream.

Aura is often considered as the most important thing in influencing beauty. This is the main reason why people never look handsome or beautiful when they are in deep sorrow or answer.

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