Friday, January 1, 2010

Evil Bloodsucking Bunnies Take Over the World! - Vampire Subspecies Explored

By Sammael Asael

With the existing Vampire Lore it's hard to imagine any sort of vampire that doesn't meet stereotypes. The existing stereotypes consist of the following;

The Buff Vampire; sexy, seductive, beautiful... the darkest sin, and the Creepy Vampire; bloodsucking, evil, brainless.

The latest creation of vampire is of course that of the Twilight-saga; the living disco balls. And why not? There's no one that can say that's not true, because vampires do not exist or, if they do, no one knows what they're like. But does the stereotypical vampire raised in books and movies mean that only humans are capable of vampirism?

One of the things that fed the myth of vampires is the vampire bat. A species of bat that feed off of blood, mostly of birds or small mammals though on occasion they have gone after the human source. 'Back in the day', humans had little knowledge of what these creatures were and all the more myths to cover their own ignorance.

Another 'Vampire' animal in actual existence is the vampire fish, or by it's official name "Candiru". This tiny fish uses the several orifices in a larger body to enter it, then it drains blood among things to feed itself. It's most famed appearance is in the movie 'Anaconda' where it's lovingly called the "Penis Fish" (you go figure that one out yourself).

If it's decided that in actual nature we have these creatures, then why is it that in movies or books there is no mention of any vampire animals whatsoever? Would it not be possible for 'them' to be sired or turned by a human vampire? Argumentatively; yes, it is possible. The general make up of a human body is in essence the same of that of animals, they too have hearts, muscles, veins etc.

Why is it that they don't make 'the perfect vampires' in our eyes? The answer to that is relatively simple; We want our vampires to appeal to us as mystical, superior.

Vampires are the result of years of creation, to a point where they're adored, wanted and even copied. We like to humor ourselves by thinking that vampires are cunning, seductive and if you consider this well... let's say a dog humping your leg to show you it likes you isn't as appealing as a sexy man or women, purring sweet promises of forever into your ear. The vampires we know in the world of today are all wonderfully creative and intellectual for the most part, sexy and beautiful.

Anne Rice goes so far to list a rule for those who are turned; "They must be beautiful." Arguably one can say that yes, it is possible all the same for animals to be turned into vampires; they'd have the same weaknesses and strengths as the humans, and the same bloodlust. The difference is that animals don't know these weaknesses and would function on pure instinct that tells them they need blood, and for that they must kill.

Ruthless instinct, primal needs.

Yet even still I find myself actively wondering if vampire animals are really something one should want in this world. Me personally? I'd rather dream of that one sexy vampire to come steal me away with promises of their dark gift. Lost in my own little world of fantasy and darkness. Yes, that'd be much nicer than nightmares about killer bunnies taking over the world with ruthless and lethal attacks on everything that lives.

Wouldn't you agree?

Sammael "Sam" Asael is a writer and an aspiring author of the paranormal genre. Sam is also an avid fan of various mythologies, particularly vampires and werewolves, and actively participates in the discussion and creative writing of such mythologies. Learn more about Sam's work and join The Darkest Region today.

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