Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Intrigue of the Vampire

By Ray C. Subs and Harmony O'Talon

What makes vampires so intriguing to our society? Is it because we all wish to be immortal? Is it living outside of the rules and not answering to authority? Or is it the lure of the unknown? All of this and more is that makes the lives of vampires so interesting and why there are so many stories and books written on the subject.

The interest in vampires extends beyond that of adults. Children are both scared of vampires but want to know more. They have heard of one of the most popular vampires of all time, Dracula and they may even have dressed up as him for Halloween. They may even have uttered, "I've come to suck your blood". But do they really know what it all means? Do we really know what it all means?

Vampires are part of our folklore, that is... as far as we know. There are those who believe that vampires really do exist, but we will leave that for another article. When thinking about vampires, it seems that everyone conjures up the vision of the satin red-lined black cape, the fangs, the pale white face and widows peak hairline. We imagine him living in a castle and sleeping in a casket, only to arise at night to bite the neck of unsuspecting victims to drink their blood in order to survive. We know that the sunlight will destroy them and that only garlic or a stake through the heart can kill them. All of this is fun and exciting to imagine, read about and watch in the movies.

An interest in vampires is on the rise with children and authors are meeting that demand with kid friendly vampire stories that give children an insight into the lives of vampires. They learn what a vampire is, how they became that way and how they live. Children can learn about differences in people and how to live with those differences. They learn a bit of ancient folklore and they develop of love of reading, because only in reading can your imagination soar.

Children's minds soak up what they read. They can vividly imagine and create scenes in their own minds. They can realize that reading takes them on a far more enjoyable journey than any television show or film could ever do. Statistically, children who enjoy reading, develop into adults with a vastly deeper intellectual abilities than those who do not. Providing books for children that really speak to them and spark their imagination creates a whole new world for them.

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