Wednesday, January 20, 2010

UFO Encounter

By Dr. Louis Turi

Do you believe in UFO?

Well I am still dumbfounded to what transpired that January 2010 night to Terania and I.

A message from Terania - I have had close encounters of the 5th kind, seen flying saucer less than 30 feet above my head, spoke to the *Nordics, end up inside one and be worked on psychically, I have had many occasions of missing time and even drove through phantom cities etc. but I will never ever be able to adapt to such drastic, unusual experiences... Yes ET have been with me since childhood and at the beginning of our relationship I told Terania to be prepared for this type of incredible experiences with me and 11 months later, or last night it happened. As always a form a legacy is induced and with the new rattling taking place occasionally in my left ear I feel like a bran new software was induced there while tripping in time and space and now and then, my brain feels like undergoing a programmed computer updating itself. Weird? You bet but its happening and Terania can testify when the noise and vibrations takes place when her ear is against mine or when she lodges her tiny pinky in my left ear. Note the drum of this ear is completely gone and I can barely ear any loud noise. There is absolutely no doubt, at least as far as I am concerned that "The Gardeners Of The World" are very real and quite busy nowadays fulfilling their own agenda with the depleting human race and Mother Earth. Meantime there are still morons all over the world that can only relate to deceptive religious doctrines and their icons.

On the news - sad enough two more churches in Malaysia were firebombed Sunday, bringing the total to six since a court ruled that non-Muslims can use the word "Allah" as a term for God. When will they stop killing themselves for a God they do not know?

"Mythology is what grownups believe, folklore is what they tell their children and Religion is both"

- Cedric Whitman

It amazes me that some people are so reluctant to grow up spiritually. The avalanche of incoming violent, bloody terrorist acts and the facts that religions kill will never pierce the thickness of the wall of ignorance.

What are extraterrestrials? They are a multitude of incredibly advanced entities that unlike human beings have lost sensitivity, emotions and their spirit in the process. They are true master of a technology you could never comprehend just yet, logical to the extreme, rational to the core, cold, calculated like a well-oiled solid gearbox and scientifically oriented. Part of the ET's agenda is to plant, grow and collect the most valuable crops. Their utmost mission is; bringing the best of the best of us to different inhabited planets and populates or re-populates them. They are mesmerized by our emotional responses in any and all situations, our destructive archaic beliefs system and work hard to better the human spirit to a decent level as to lead and enjoy a well-balanced, secure, respectful life on planet earth.

We Are The Ants Workers! Meantime do not expect to meet the management or the President of the intergalactic society soon. You may, if you fit the bill deal with their dignified robots instead, those called the " grays" doing all the dirty work from cutting cows, abductions collections to flying their spaceships etc.

They are huge numbers of extraterrestrials coming from all corner of infinity, and some are much too far away from our solar system to visit planet earth, yes even for an ET, space and time can be challenging. Thus those closer to us are harvesting us, much like humans trips to the moon trying to reach the next level or in our case planet Mars. This Interstellar society has its own regulations, limitations and purposes and learned billions years ago that religions kill and education is the key, thus where they come from, wars are non-existent. Thus do not expect such advanced entities to invade earth by force for they are much better equipped than we could ever be to eliminate us at will if they chose to do so.

Meantime they are also aware that in time and space all is omnipresent and interconnected, thus helping us to grow is helping their own agenda too. But with such a self-destructive attitude, mankind does not need any UFO's to eradicate itself from this planet, agree? And this is where they must interfere and like a concerned wild life scientists darting a dangerous bear. Like the animals, much of their precious chosen rare subjects are oblivious of the crucial work performed on them. ET's do not think, behave or perceive reality as you do, thus someone in position of power, such as the President or a renowned religious figure such as the Pope won't cut it. Terrestrials know that logical, rational, archaic and mundane education molds the core of our top leaders' mental process consequently this very group of humans happens to be the first one to reject the incredible. Such a "down to earth" aptitude/attitude will never, psychically attract extraterrestrials.

ET's are masters in handling the physical rules of the infinite Universes, for if they did not they would not be able to enter our dense physical world to "pic" their protégées or travel incalculable distances. They are also handling the Cosmic Code jurisdictions well, they are fully aware of human unusual or advanced UCI *Unique Celestial Identity and you may very well be one of them. Such as soul is blessed at birth to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness and such powerful objectivity indeed promotes the perception of the divine.

This type of well-earned karmic residue "born different" is key ingredient for ET's choice and they seem to know "magnetically" speaking, where to look for those born different. It's much like someone using a metal detector looking for gold in the desert because again, like attracts like and a magnet will not attract a piece of wood. Then the long, somehow dramatic unusual ET/human connections undergo regular upgrades for the well being of humanity as the whole.

ET can not enter our physical world when they feel like, they are from another vibrational system and must wait for the perfect celestial wind to push their ships if I may use this term. They need very specific planet alignments, especially the planet Uranus "The Lord Of The Skies" in Greek mythology. Exactly like NASA scientists have to calculate to the second the launching of any shuttles mission a tremendous amount of maths is needed to do just that in the best and safest ways. Thus they are very specific timing involved allowing them to cruise our dense physical world and a very determined time of action to fulfill their mission. Cosmic Consciousness allows anyone to master this timing and make oneself prone for extraterrestrial contacts but conscious or unconscious fears can seriously alter the manifesto all together.

The human elites of this world are master of maths and all inherited a traditional education and ET's have already surpassed this requirement that ultimately became a serious problem to them.. Imagine asking any of your political or religious leaders of the possibility of an extraterrestrial intelligence or to consider building their own Cosmic Consciousness? Their expected answers confirm my claim that you, the believing reader is much more prone to get the connection than someone who has lost any form of belief or worse possibility and will swear by it. ET's have lost just that, intuition, deep feelings where deep emotions are also missing and that is the same direction this world is taking where logic, science and practicality reign and all at the expanses of the spirit and its connection with the divine, the incredible, the impossible, the Cosmic Code the UDU reality and even God himself. As of yet; humankind has not learned that there are no limits, because these mental and physical limitations are not a part of our infinite universe and its unlimited intrinsic extraterrestrial omnipresent life forms.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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