Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Mother Earth Evolves and Balances Herself

By Loy Young

There are two predominant energies, a duality if you like, that Mother Earth embodies. It's quite possible they are the same two energies that comprise our solar system, but we're a long way from confirming that. As Mother Earth's inhabitants, it's the same two energies that compromise us also. These two energies are Will and Love.

Will is Our Strength

Will is our strength, our power, which stimulates our mind and our physical bodies. Differences, logic, facts and physical strength all belong to the realm of Will and are expressed through our outer senses. This is our masculine side, the left brain side of each of us, no matter what gender body we inhabit.

Love is Our Sensitivity

Love is our sensitivity, our feelings, our intuition and stimulates our emotional and our spiritual natures. Similarities, connecting, emotional expression and the desire to serve all belong to the realm of Love and are expressed more through our inner senses. This is the feminine aspect, the right brain part of each of us, without regard to the gender body we inhabit.

Mother Earth's Quest

Mother Earth's quest is to balance these two energies, Will and Love. Her method is to swing back and forth from one to the other. Will produces patriarch civilizations and Love gives birth to matriarch governed eras.

Out-breath of Will

Here's how it works. First is an out-breath of Will, which brings into manifestation many distinct, separate parts of Mother Earth's plan at her level of consciousness and evolution. During Mother Earth's last out-breath of Will, different races with their own languages, religions and cultures were born in different locations. These manifestations or different aspects were to act as a type of research laboratory, imbuing in them different characteristics. In their separate locations, you could say purity could be observed and preserved, without any outside contamination. The masculine side was activated more, as survival was key, strength and brawn was most important. First the physical body was stimulated more and then the mind. Indeed this Will out-breath period was patriarchal or male dominated and governed.

In-breath of Love

Once Mother Earth tests out all her theories in separate locations with many different species and cultures, then Mother Earth begins her in-breath, swinging to the other side of the pendulum, to Love. While Will's task was to manifest differences, Love connects through similarities. Now all the different species, religions and cultures are viewed first from the viewpoint of what were the similarities that were discovered that would further aid Mother Earth's evolution. For example: In every religion no matter where or what language used as a method of expression, they all came to the same conclusion. Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You was found to be a major tenant of each.

Time of Separation Over

The time of separation is over. It's a time of connecting, of discovering within each what is similar. The in-breath is actually shorter in duration, as what we need to bring together is already manifested. The different cultures can be seen and examined. This period is matriarch governed as the skills of connecting, emotional expression, and telepathy are more needed than strength and power.

Inclusiveness - Balance

Once Mother Earth has brought all these separate parts of her together, then there is a period of inclusiveness, of balance. Neither Will male nor Love female is in the lead, the best of both are brought together. Mother Earth's consciousness as well as ours is greatly expanded. The worst or the extremes of each that do not forward Mother Earth's evolution are withdrawn from and go extinct.

With Expanded Consciousness the Cycle Begins All Over Again

Once this process is complete, which is Will Out-breath, Love In-breath, and Inclusive or Balance, the process begins all over again. With Mother Earth's expanded consciousness due to this process, she comes up with a plan for her next step of evolution. Her consciousness is expressed through many different parts again that are most distinct. Then she will begin her In-breath again, connecting all the separate parts and their manifestations. Again her consciousness will be greatly expanded; there will be a period of balance or inclusiveness to integrate everything, a new plan created.

Now what that means to us is our consciousness is always expanding, never stagnant.

Where Are We Now?

We are right at the beginning of the In-breath of a matriarch guided period. It is happening much faster as all the separate parts are already manifested, although as we draw these to us, new manifestations relating to connecting, inclusiveness are being realized.

Not Better or Worse

So it's not that the patriarch or the matriarch is better or worse than the other. It's just they serve different functions.

December 2012, marks the beginning of being immersed into a matriarch guided era. Mother Earth will shift on her axis once again. The Southern Hemisphere will hold sway much like the Northern Hemisphere did during its time of power during the Patriarch Reign.

Uranus and Neptune Poles Already Shifted

It's quite possible that we'll find out Mother Earth is a manifestation, a different part of an even larger consciousness. It's beginning to look that way, as Uranus and Neptune have already shifted their poles. Still it's a bit early, as this is still to unfold.

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