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by rachel ann

Many of the most famous mediums existed in the 1800's and early 1900's. Gordon Higginson was one very special medium who was natural born but also Trained to the highest degree and discipline by his mother. A modern day medium Known as the most accurate medium in the UK is Gordon Smith who is also known as the psychic barber. With an often humorous approach to his work Gordon is keen to get as many messages out there to those in need.

In a recent platform mediumship event at The Wulfrun hall in Wolverhampton, Gordon opened his demonstration telling the audience that they couldn't die for the life of them and that our loved ones are around us and are just a thought away. He went on to say that there is no pain in the spirit world and that only the physical world suffers.

When a medium stands on the platform they act as a channel - it is not the medium themselves but those in the spirit world who are sending through the messages. A true medium who works to a high degree will always channel the message exactly as it is and this is the key to great mediumship - the evidence that comes forward will only mean something to the recipient and not the channel.

Those in the spirit world are the same and carry the same character as they had on the mortal plain, they are simply without a physical shell and it is the mind of the deceased that is communicated with when true mediumship takes place. It is interesting to note that a medium reader can channel on platform, face to face during a private medium reading, or indeed over the phone - over the phone a phone medium reader simply tunes in like a radio - to the clients energy field, this is sometimes known as the aura, from this energy field the person receives a reading or de-coding of what is around them. Those in the spirit world can predict accurately the future, talk about the past with knowledge and also the present. Time in the spirit world does not exists like it does here on the mortal plain.

The spirits brought forth in Gordons recent stand-up platform mediumship performance included a murder victim who was a young man simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and had been stabbed - although ripped from the mortal plain in such an awful way he came through to confirm he is still alive and is grateful for the sheer numbers attending his funeral and also with some angst that the case had remained unsolved as no arrests had been made regarding his murder.

Another particular skill of a professional medium is that when a connection was made and the audience member signaled that they thought the messages were for them, when it turned out they were not he quickly linked into the spirit that WERE around that person - indicating a finely tuned link.

This sort of mediumship can be experienced during a phone medium reading if the right level of spiritual reading company is selected.

Rachel Ann writes for the psychic arena.

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