Monday, July 26, 2010

The Month of Leo, 2010

By Sharita Star

While Cancer already may have brought on the summer's heat, get ready for it really to roar as the Lion organizes us further into the glories the Sun desires to shine upon us beginning at 6:21pm EDT 22 July. The collective naturally gravitates to truly taking some time off and enjoying the pleasures of life that Leo always appreciates basking in. The month ahead is sure to be packed with activities that captivate an audience- as dramatic personas, creative adventures, and initiations will prevail. Don't forget, unless a Lion asks you, please stay off their territory, and by all means, let them take the center stage!

The biggest event to capture the planetary spotlight this month is the last occurrence of Saturn opposing Uranus for another 25 or so years. The very day our Leo President Barack Obama was elected was the first turn of 5 times these planets have gone head to head, beginning upon 04 November 2008, while Saturn was still in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. As the 26 July's final showdown bravely falls upon the world axis at 0 degrees, with Saturn now in Libra and Uranus in Aries, this day should present some powerful historical documentation. Be sure to note the slice of your Zodiac Pie the 0 degrees Aries/Libra opposition is placed, as these areas are where you can personally expect an intense trigger coupled by some need for self-reliance to be going on.

Mercury enters Virgo upon 27 July, granting valid, diligent, practical, and discriminating energies to the collectives' communications and mental capacities. Expect efficient, well-structured, articulate, and detailed-oriented methods of expressions to emerge through 04 October. As Mercury will Retrograde 20 August through 12 September, be sure to check-in with the Virgo piece of your natal birth chart- which points to the area of life where you can anticipate this period of reworking to occur within.

Mars and Venus take on what will need to be balanced in Libra alongside our karmic adjustor Saturn upon the 29 July and 06 August, respectively. Mars will drive home whatever lessons Saturn is presenting to get his point across more poignantly, as stimulations can be expected in our ability to compromise, as the collectives' responsibility to become more co-operative is urged more than ever. Venus will swoon in with some added grace, tenderness, and romantic ideas on how to proportion all that will be motivated to change, allowing harmony to ultimately flourish. This Zodiac month marks a significant and vital force in how Libra affects you, so be sure to check your personal chart to see where you can expect a surge of new energy to unfold in this area of the life.

While we all are one in the different experiences that mark our individual lives, allow nobility to guide you in finding the proper channel of protection that wishes to create heartfelt benevolence in the month ahead.

Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis through readings and party services, available at: While residing between New York City and Chatham, NY, she is currently publishing her first book, while hosting her own radio show, 'What's Your Sign? I Have Your Number!'

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