Monday, July 26, 2010

Pluto In Capricorn

By Colin Scott

The planet of Pluto represents the depths of darkness or that which is unexplored. In the year 2008 will enter into Capricorn and this process will end in 2024, this combination of planets shows the true depths of the planet Pluto.

And the heights of the other which is Capricorn would be the mountain goats. The movement which this originates from is a vertical movement either below to above or the other way around. The theory states that if it is pointed up the superior is subject to the inferior. The balance between the use of power and the use of will have a very powerful effect on the masses of people.

The complete process will take some time as Pluto moves very slow and also Capricorn is quite slow as well so maybe that causes the blend by the two. The Capricorn sign rules people that are in some very high positions such as government and other top officials.

The planet of Pluto has polarized energy, in any way this energy is very extreme. This trend will bring an unbalance level of politics but which ever one gains power the people will give them more support overall. The power of Pluto which is distorted has a lot to do with money, guns, sex and drugs.

These practices are surrounded by the raw energy from the planet of Pluto and can be very dangerous if not handled right. Pluto in Capricorn can break down certain old concept that was not possible.

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