Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Retrograde Planets and Nature's Rhythms

By Ellen Zucker

All planets, except the Sun and Moon, spend a portion of their time moving retrograde or backwards in the sky. At least that is how it appears to us from earth-view, the perspective from our perch on Planet Earth.

If you understand the meaning of forward and retrograde motion, the reason for a planet's apparent retreat makes sense.

When planets advance, so do you. You are led into new experiences, new perceptions. At some point it is necessary to integrate all of the new material. That occurs when planets retrograde.

During periods of retrograde motion, the planet's energy is internalized--that is, it becomes less conscious.

Retrograde motion's connection to direct or forward motion is similar to sleep versus waking consciousness. Humans require sleep to integrate and assimilate the learning that took place during the day that just passed. It is also a time for bodies to recharge.

Not only is sleep necessary, but various studies have shown that humans require adequate sleep to function, even to survive.

The slower moving planets, those whose energies bring the deepest impact and the most profound change, spend the greatest amount of time in retrograde motion.

Pluto, the outermost planet that mainstream astrologers work with, may move back and forth over a single degree as much as five times to really get its point across. Its effects are too deep to be absorbed in one pass.

It is notable that, at the time a planet pivots, its energy is much stronger than usual.

As always, when there are planetary events in the sky, keep your eyes on the headlines--where fireworks and surprises are in store.

That is because when a planet changes direction or stations, it releases energy and acts as a trigger for events.

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