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Secrets To Lucid Dreaming

Secrets To Lucid Dreaming

I discovered that lucid dreaming is actually being conscious while you are dreaming and therefore able to control exactly what takes place within your dream. It turns out that lots of people have experienced quick instances of this type of dreaming before but not so many are able to control when it happens. I discovered along my journey of wanting to control my dreams that binaural beats were an excellent aid in helping me do this.

Two Important Steps to Achieving Lucid Dreams

There are two critical steps in my opinion to be able to be conscious within your dream state.

First it is important to follow the steps listed below and to practice them regularly.
Second, if you use a binaural beats MP3 or CD recording that was specifically designed for lucid dreaming while you are practicing the techniques listed below, your results will be quicker and easier.

Methods for Lucid Dreaming

The most important first step is to be able to recognize that you are actually dreaming. There is a fairly easy trick that helps to do this:

When you are dreaming attempt to recognize something that doesn’t appear to be quite right, something which is out of place and lets you know that this is obviously a dream.

We all know that dreams do not always portray our currant reality. For example, your car in your dream may not resemble your car in reality and your close friend may resemble an individual you have never come across before. Being conscious of these differences from your personal reality will prompt your mind that you are in a dream state.

6 Easy Steps to Know if you are Actually Dreaming

How exactly can you discover that you are dreaming? The best way is as simple as repeated actions. Below are the basic steps to utilizing repeated actions needed for dream realization.

Decide on an item that you come across every single day. Let's say for example a pair of shoes.
Everyday look at your shoes. Observe the shape of your shoes, the color, the laces, and the details.
Look at other individuals shoes along with the similar characteristics between theirs and your own.
Look at shoes all day. Pay attention to your own, take note of other individuals, come to be passionate with all of them as well as think of them often. Close your eyes while keeping your focus on different shoes and pay attention to them inside your head.
Before long you will be dreaming about shoes however they likely won’t seem like your usual shoes that you've trained your brain to focus on.
You could feel unclear when you notice your own shoes within your dream mainly because it will not resemble the shoes which you have trained yourself to see. Before you know it you will figure out that you are dreaming.
It might seem simple but this method of dream recognition is known to work. It doesn’t matter what item you choose to focus on as long as you choose one thing and stick with it.

Once you are able to realize that you are dreaming you then need to learn what to do next in order to win control of your dreams as opposed to sliding back into a regular dream state.

Make it Easier on Yourself

The techniques listed above take practice and it is not always easy to achieve your desired results. I would highly recommend making use of either a binaural beats audio or another type of brainwave entrainment such as monaural beats or isochronic tones in order to help maintain your brain at the proper frequency for lucid dreaming.

With the help of a lucid dream binaural beats audio you can help keep your brain from going into the Delta state which is when your dream will abruptly conclude. It is important that your brainwaves stay at the precise frequency level for conscious dreaming.

A lucid dreaming binaural beats MP3 or CD is the best way I know of to experience the effects of lucid dreams quickly. They have worked for me and I have to think they would work well for others as well.

By: Allison Mac

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