Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Transit of Pluto & The Economy of America

By Crystal Womack

In the horoscope of the United States, Pluto, now in Capricorn is moving through the second house ruler of money, economy, the flow of same, etc. of the US chart. Pluto rules transformative changes, the likes of which cannot be anticipated and even if, could never be stopped. Pluto rules total collapse but not for the purpose of anything other than the need to re-build, re-set, or re-construct a better more positive wholesome and healthy replacement. Yep, in the area of our own money and economics.

The second house also rules what we value, just like money has value and things we own have value, Pluto in the "auto-correct" position, will both "giveth" or "taketh away". What you truely deserve you shall keep (Pluto will see to that), and what you do not value/deserve, will be taken away. It's actually very very simple. Pluto does present a chance to "let go". You can fight against it all you think you need too, but in the end, the Universe will ultimately decide RAW energy forces either "for" or "against". No in between here.

Our President (Bless his heart with his altruistic Neptune conjunction to his natal Sun), says repeatedly, "We rescued our economy from near collapse". That's the good news. The bad news is, "we've only just begun". Pluto transits are very slow and end up COMPLETE, in the highest sense of the word. It's journey is like that of a small stone thrown into a pond. The further you get from the impact point, the more widespread the actioin of the energy pattern. Pluto will take us on a long, slow, walk. In the end, you'll feel totally depleted, only to rise again and go that extra extra mile (though it may have to be in another lifetime!).

Pluto rules the underworld...does "oil spill" ring some kinda bell here? Think of the implications... Pluto also rules "wars" & destruction. Taken to it's highest & ultimate level (which we BETTER begin to think about doing...), Pluto has the capacity to Restore, Re-make, Re-sume, and every other "RE" that you can imagine. Remember the RE-Set switch when it comes to business and government, even banks. Yep, Pluto rules banks and corporations.

The Pluto transit that is currently underway in the second house chart of our country will continue to occupy this position for another decade and more. A word to the wise, consolidate and get along with as little as possible (but do not hoard), because Pluto will reflect the qualities of alchemy through liquification and change. Get READY!

Crystal Womack holds a Master of Arts Degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and practices EBL (Energy4Better Living) advising based on astrological chart interpretation and transit patterns to the natal chart. She promotes personal empowerment through application and teaching of astrological principles and promotes the intelligent use of planetary energy patterns 4 better living.

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