Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Astrology Cusps Need to Be Debated

By M Augustin

Astrology cusps; is everyone born on one of the last few or beginning few days of a month genuinely torn between two zodiac signs?

First of all, the going consensus is that the start and end date of astrology signs change from year to year. And so, it is also said that some people are born on zodiac cusps. It is said that people born on a cusp exhibit the traits of the two zodiac signs.

A lot of astrologists have their own ideas of what the dates are for astrological cusps. I have researched these views and studied the main astrology sources and found the general dates to be one of the first 5 days or one of the last 5 days of a particular month.

Astrology cusps and people

So what is your sun sign if your birthday falls on the first days or last days of January? The only real way to find out is through an Ephemeris. If more cusp born people would get charts done there would be far less people claiming to be born on a cusp.

We have all read all the reasons why a person may feel pulled between two signs. The main answer given is, "You feel like two signs because you are two signs." Everything else in astrology has a succinct and

logical explanation, zodiac cusps however are explained thinly or in an ethereal and philosophic way, which leads to a vagueness and confusion.

This I think is one reason that skeptics can deride astrology and say it is bogus, a false- science.

Think about it, from what you think you know about cusps can you explain it easily and concisely to someone? I bet not many of you can.

I used to really believe that the basic ideas of astrology cusps were true; I never questioned it even though the explanations did not make sense.

Oh yes, I thought all the aforementioned ideas were indeed facts; the problem was something never seemed right, not in the words I have studied or the real life experiences I had with people that were said to be born on cusps.

Now, I believe that most theories on cusps are just that, theories. These hypotheses have lead to these ideas becoming myths to me.

Not because what is said about astrology cusps is not basically true. It is not because people are lying when they say they feel like they relate to 2 different sun signs at once. The reason I call most estimations of cusps myths is because the explanations that go along with them are tenuous at best.

This is one topic that we must all be careful in what we teach other people.

Even daily horoscope readers who are not even studying astrology inevitably soak up information and pass it on, what if it is wrong information?

Getting to the nitty gritty of zodiac cusps is a complex thing. One answer is not adequate.

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