Monday, August 30, 2010

White Magic Spells - Successful Magic And Belief

Some people cannot find it within themselves to believe in the effectiveness of white magic spells. They don't understand how they work. Rather than learning proper techniques to achieve results, they will question why they don't get the same results as others. The problem is that magic is personal and one person's interpretation differs from everyone elses.

To practise successful magic, there has to be great belief and desire. Honesty will be the driving force behind the spells you cast, and that will determine the outcome. Honesty is the powerful energy that will drive the spell to its conclusion, it is the engine that will make the spell happen - without that driving force, nothing will happen.

Magic is not visual, and it isn't an instant 'fix'. It is not a film, in which you could fly, or make someone invisible. It can't produce things from thin air. But magic can slightly bend the rules. Magic is within all of us, but we have to let it be released from within us, from within our heart, mind and spirit, we can then direct that released energy and magic towards our wishes and goals. The spells we cast can engage with the rituals and symbols we use to help make the magic work.

So why do we need to believe?

Well for instance, if you were to cast a spell to find the love of your life, you might go through all the right procedures, speak the right words, perform the right rituals, copy exactly what the spell tells you to do - BUT in the back of your mind you just 'knew' that it was all rubbish, and it would never really get you any nearer to meeting your perfect love, do you really imagine that the spell would be at all successful? I would think not - because the magic comes from within. You need a genuine belief in yourself, the magic and the goals and keep your mind and every fibre of your being focused on what your goals are.

So in brief:

With no belief, there will be no focus, and without any focus the magic will be much weaker than it should be, so without that powerful magic there will be little or no result.

You will probably ask 'How can I attract that belief?' Well the answer to that is simply to keep practising and have faith. The proof of magic is around us every day, once you have decided to have faith and practise, you will slowly, but surely begin to see the astonishing results of your spells.

By: Ellie Stone

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