Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Are The 5 Elements Of Feng Shui - The Elements Of Feng Shui

by Feng Shui Master

Those who have a deeper understanding of the five elements of the world and also have greater knowledge of the two basic energies, which are the Chi (the soft power) and the Sha which is known as the harsher power, are known to have the power and expertise that they can make an accurate estimation of the meta physical energies in the space around us. That being their number one ability gives them the power to also know when and where to move the furniture or other objects of physical and metaphysical nature so that proper flow of energies can be established. The art relating to feng sui is considered to be of architectural nature. It is believed that wizards and historical people such as the magi will at times place themselves inside different buildings or large landscapes; they are known to also make use of their Meta physical senses to detect and properly establish the flow of the energies within the structures. They are also those masters that decide exactly why and where the bathrooms, bedrooms and other parts of the house should be placed and built.

They will give you precise direction as to where the door should be placed and what direction should the exit of the house should be. The detailed master relating to feng sui would even pay close attention to the fine details such as where the mirrors should hang inside the house and where what type and what piece of furniture should be placed s well. The master would also give an accurate estimation of where the bed should face its head portion and to where the foot area be faced. The above given areas where the feng shui master pays close attention to are based on what they feel is the accurate angle of the Chi softer power and the counter flow of Sha which is the harsher power goes in and comes out. They also base these on where they feel magnetic and electro magnetic fields are present. They also provide help and feng shui based solutions towards the other areas and energies that many individual clients may worry about affecting their personal self and their personal relationships. Couples usually complain about issues related to their life inside the bedroom this is a major intervention area for the master relating to feng shui. What Are The 5 Elements Of Feng Shui

The solution of this would mean that couples may require that certain objects be moved around within the bedroom in order to get the chi in the bedroom to flow in a proper manner. The art relating to feng sui in the modern age has now become very much connected with the area of interior decorating and there fore like interior decorators the master relating to feng sui will these days also hire himself out on a very large sum of fees. The master relating to feng sui in the proper knowledge of this art is the only person who if in fact is blessed with special meta physical senses can help resolve the misfortune in your life by fixing the feng shui flows of Chi and Sha respectively. What Are The 5 Elements Of Feng Shui

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