Thursday, October 7, 2010

Psychic Ways to Gain Positive Energy

by Jim Cassa

These days there is a human energy shortage. The negative energy that abounds these days days gets many of us down and for good reason. Negative energy is very common in our lives and this is why it is hard to triumph over the negative side of things. Yet all is not lost when you use psychic methods to generate more positive energy in your life. Psychic methods are empowering, give you a lift, and bring more light into your day to day living.

Psychics have positive life transforming methods they only give out during phone psychic readings. Many of these psychic positive energy generating methods are still kept secret. Here are revealed some of the empowering psychic ways to gain positive energy.

1. Mantras for mind empowerment. This is one of my favourite methods to gain positive energy. There are many kinds of good mind and meditation CDs on the market and the point here is you are going to enter into a more relaxed state of consiousness where you can be in a deeper mind state.

This lets you become far more relaxed, creative, and in tune with your inner self and this is where your empowerment will come from. The meditation mantra is to be used in the calm and safety of your home sanctuary where you can stay centered.

2. Black Tourmaline Crystal. The black tourmaline stones are a valid way of blocking negative energy and so leave the aura intact and free from much of the negative vibrations that tries to attach itself to the human aura. Psychics know energy vampires are very common. These are people who love to feed on your aura. The black tourmaline stones offer a solid form of energy protection when mixing with others of a dirty aura.

3. Phone Psychic Reading. Psychic chat is very empowering in the sense the Clairvoyant gives you his energy over the phone. Sometimes this is very sublte but at other times it is very noticeable where you can feel the psychic energy infusion from the voice of the psychic reader. If you are low in energy this is often a good idea to use it as a quick energy fix to get you over the bumps in life.

4. Check All Energy Sources in Environment. What this means is to check all appliances, food, water, and other enrgetic sources for the effect these insturments have upon your being. Some of these are very nasty in that they drain your energy rapidly. One of the best energy raising methods is to take out all of the sources , that is remove them once and for all, that are draining to you.

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