Saturday, April 10, 2010

Top 5 Haunted Houses in England

England has many locations that are haunted but haunted houses seem to draw the most attention and attraction probably because we all live in houses as well and the idea of haunting are both intriguing and scary as well.

One of the most haunted houses in England is the Athelhampton Hall. It was originally suspected to be haunted in the 16th century in Puddletown, Dorset. The house itself was first built during the 15th century by the Martyn family. Their family crest was inspired by a pet monkey the family had, as told by their daughter. The crest was an ape sitting on a tree stump. Apparently, the daughter locked herself in a room and committed suicide and the monkey followed. It starved itself to death in there and scratching is said to be heard.

Another haunted location is the Burton Agnes Hall. It is located in Bridlington, East Yorkshire and was built by Sir Hentry Griffith who ruled from 1598-1610. The legend is based on his youngest daughter Anne who had a wish that her skull should never be removed from the house. Anne was hit in a club by a beggar who wanted her ring, which ultimately led to her death. Her body was buried and banging and crashing would not stop in the house. It was so bad that her body was dug up and skull was placed in the house. Since the original occurrence two people have tried to remove the skull and their lives were miserable so they finally put it back. No one really knows where it is in the house and she says anyone who knows what is good for them will leave it alone.

A third haunted house is the Clandon House in West Clandon, Surrey and dates back to 1730. The original gardens from 1770 remain the same as they were. Giacomo Leoni was building the home for Lord Onslow and his wife. Unfortunately, his wife died while it was being constructed and she is said to visit from time to time wearing a cream satin dress although not mean in spirit.

Another notable location in England is the Ightham Mote. It was built in 1340 and the haunting began during the 17th century. Dorothy Selb was said to have been locked inside a room because the Gunpowder plot was discovered and she got blamed, although she warned Lord Monteagle not to go to parliament. A chill can be felt in the air around the towers because of this haunting.

Moreton Corbet in Shropshire was built in 1606 but Robert Corbet, who ordered it built, died before it was finished and his brother Vincent took it over instead. Both of them were Anti-Puritan although Vincent was known for not imprisoning or persecuting them. He befriended Paul Holymyard and then threw him out to the woods and expected him to fend for himself. Paul felt that he got him back by cursing the wretched house with his spirit once he returned to it after he died.

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