Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Mystery of Live Psychic Readings or Real Psychic Readings

By Luke N Liu

Live psychic readings or real psychic reading is a process of finding information about the past, the future, and other paranormal dealings using a higher level of human sense such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentinence, and claircognisance. Techniques vary from astrology to palm reading. People often consult psychics in order to learn more about their destiny, their love life, and to resolve problems with friends and relatives who are already dead. Here are examples of live psychic readings and how they are performed:


Astrology is the primary example of a real psychic reading. Astrologers read a person's future through the connection of his/her birthday and zodiac sign to the position of the planets, moon, sun, and stars.


Also known as fortune-telling, this kind of psychic reading uses a deck of cards in order to read a person's future. While common fortune telling uses a standard deck of cards, tarot reading uses specialized cards filled with different symbolism.

Aura Reading

An aura is a radiating bio-electromagnetic field surrounding a person. Psychics claim that they can read a person's aura through their special skills. Through this technique, they can improve a person's life through aura reading and cleansing. They believe that a white aura symbolizes calmness and positivity, while a black aura signifies death and melancholia.


Cleromancy is a form of spiritual divination where a gifted medium cast things such as stones, crystals, dice, and bones to read a person's future. Psychics read these things through their position, proximity, and formation. It is believed that the outcome of this procedure is affected by destiny, supernatural forces, and heavenly bodies.


This procedure uses a set of special abilities to read a person's destiny through direct contact with his/her possessions. Psychics interpret one's future by reading his/her favourite object like rings, vases, figurines, clothes, books, etc. Since this genre believes that certain objects absorb a person's energy through time, psychometry is also used to locate missing people and interpret messages from the dead.

Palm Reading
One of the most popular psychic-methods, palm readers foretell the future by studying and interpreting the shapes, lines, and curves of a person's palms.


This method reads a person's future through numbers found in his/her birth date and the amount of numbers in his/her name.

Lithomancy/ Crystallomancy
Popular media always show clairvoyants and other gifted individuals reading one's future through a crystal ball. This technique known as Lithomancy and Csrystallomancy uses special stones, gems, and crystal balls to interpret a person's future.

The mentioned services are available worldwide in various psychic-houses and online portals. Since humans always desire to know the future, the demand for people with special powers is always high.

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